At Northwood we understand that seeking a new opportunity can be both bewildering and stressful with many recruitment agencies trying to convince you they are the best & the vacancies they are handling are ideal for you.

We take time to listen to you and gain an understanding of your career aspirations, what areas of your career you enjoy and what your long term objectives are.

At Northwood we offer advice on all aspects of your search for a new opportunity including:

  • Initial discussion and appraisal of your aspirations 
  • Review of your CV 
  • Personality profiling 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Advice on areas of training required 
  • Advice on your salary expectations 
  • Market analysis 
  • Career direction advice

By undertaking a full consultation on the above we aim to find you an opportunity that will fulfil your long term career aspirations.

Your CV

Remember a good CV makes a good first impression which employers will then seriously consider when selecting Candidates to interview for an opportunity.

You should view your CV as an opportunity to ensure prospective employers consider you a Candidate worth considering for their opportunity, the following tips should ensure you create a CV which truly reflects your capabilities and ensures you are selected for interview.

Keep your CV ‘to the point’ ensuring you include all information a prospective employer will be expecting to find including:

Personal Details

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Contact Telephone Numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Drivers Licence

Personal Profile

  • This is your opportunity to gain a potential employers attention – use it to your advantage
  • Include any specific career highlights and qualities you feel a potential employer would be interested in
  • Put yourself in the potential employers situation and ask yourself what you would expect to find in this section


  • Give details of your education including qualifications gained and levels including school, university including degree details if applicable
  • Give details of any professional qualifications gained


  • Provide details of any training received during your career including Manufacturer Training Courses, Sales Training, IT Training, Health & Safety, First Aid, Mechanical Handling, Site Safety etc.

Career History

  • Commence with your most recent role first and work backwards
  • Give concise and accurate details of employment periods
  • Ensure you include the trading name of the employer, job title, job description, area covered if applicable, responsibilities, achievements and reason for leaving.
  • Should there be gaps in your employment history offer information on what you were engaged in during this period
  • If your role changed with an employer or your employer was acquired by another company and your service continued ensure your CV reflects this and does not give the impression of short periods of employment

Hobbies And Interests

  • Give a prospective employer an insight into you as a person without going into too much detail, it is good for them to know your interests out of work hours, but remember they are primarily interested in your work skills.


  • Offer two work related references who are willing to be contacted if required.


  • Remember to check your CV for content, continuity, spelling and grammar
  • Ask close friends and family for their views on your CV, they can offer you an honest opinion.
  • Do not use light colours in the text or body of your CV, they are extremely difficult to read and may lead to your CV being rejected